Version 8.3

Version 8.0 contains a new version (V1) of the protocol environment, which is the set of functions that protocols can call. Up to Delphi, all protocols used protocol environment V0. The new version (V1) is used by Edo, which is a proposal for the next protocol after Delphi. The release candidate also contains Edo itself as well as its daemons (baker, endorser and accuser) so that you can test it easily.

We have also spawned a test network for Edo, named Edonet, that replaces Ebetanet, which was a test network for a beta version of Edo. The release candidate contains the necessary configuration to join Edonet: just configure your node with tezos-node config init --network edonet (but see Known Issues below).

Version 8.1 fixes a performance regression related to operations involving tz3 addresses and several compilation problems in some contexts.

Version 8.2 replaces PtEdoTez by PtEdo2Zk and provides RPCs to “normalize” Michelson expressions returned by the Edo protocol along with constraining the size of p2p messages at low level and updating some external dependencies.

Version 8.3 fixes a couple of issues that caused the baker to not include some operations.

Update Instructions

Starting from version 8.0, compiling Tezos requires the Rust compiler, version 1.44.0, and the Cargo package manager to be installed. See instructions to set up Rust.

To update from sources:

git fetch
git checkout v8.3
make build-deps
eval $(opam env)

If you are using Docker instead, use the v8.3 Docker images of Tezos.

Known Issues

The Tezos node of version 8.3 does not recognize as a builtin network edo2net, the current test network for the Edo protocol (which has replaced edonet). To join it, you must configure a custom network as follows:

  • create a data directory for the node and copy in it the following config.json file (alternatively, you may only modify the network field in your own configuration file):

      "p2p": {},
      "network": {
        "genesis": {
          "timestamp": "2021-02-11T14:00:00Z",
          "block": "BLockGenesisGenesisGenesisGenesisGenesisdae8bZxCCxh",
          "protocol": "PtYuensgYBb3G3x1hLLbCmcav8ue8Kyd2khADcL5LsT5R1hcXex"
        "genesis_parameters": {
          "values": {
            "genesis_pubkey": "edpkugeDwmwuwyyD3Q5enapgEYDxZLtEUFFSrvVwXASQMVEqsvTqWu"
        "chain_name": "TEZOS_EDO2NET_2021-02-11T14:00:00Z",
        "sandboxed_chain_name": "SANDBOXED_TEZOS",
        "default_bootstrap_peers": [
  • optionally, import a snapshot file

  • run the node, passing it the data directory via option --data-dir if needed.