Version 7.5

Version 7.0 notably introduces the multinetwork node.

Version 7.1 fixes a few compilation issues that users encountered with version 7.0, and fixes a few client commands.

Version 7.2 fixes an issue that could cause baking to fail when validating some smart contracts, and fixes how arguments are passed by the script when using Docker images.

Version 7.3 fixes a couple of security issues.

Version 7.4 adds the Delphi protocol and the Delphinet built-in network configuration.

Version 7.5 fixes some issues with gas cost computation in the client for Delphi.

Update Instructions

To update from sources:

git fetch
git checkout v7.5
make build-deps
eval $(opam env)

If you are using Docker instead, use the v7.5 Docker images of Tezos.

New Versioning Scheme

Starting from this release, we are using a new versioning scheme to name our releases. Each release is now named “Version X.Y” where X is the major version number and Y is the minor version number. Minor releases mostly backport bug fixes into previous major releases.

Before releasing a new major version, we publish release candidates. For instance, before releasing 7.0 we published 7.0~rc1, the first release candidate for version 7.0. Once release candidates have been out long enough to be sufficiently tested and are considered stable, we publish actual releases. For instance, 7.0~rc1 was published April 15th 2020, and 7.0 was published May 5th 2020.

Additionnally, we provide a latest-release branch which will always be equal to the latest release. Release candidates are not considered to be releases in this sense, so latest-release will never point to a release candidate. In other words, latest-release points to the latest stable release. Currently, it thus points to version 7.5.

If you are used to the mainnet and mainnet-staging branches, you can consider release candidates to be the new mainnet-staging branches, and the latest-release branch to be the new mainnet branch.

Note for Remote Signer Users

Note for users of tezos-signer: the 7.0 (or above) client, baker, endorser and accuser need the 7.0 signer (or above) to work. They are in particular not compatible with the mainnet version of tezos-signer. So remember to update your remote signer too!

Multinetwork Node

The node can now be used with any network, including Mainnet (the default network) and test networks such as Carthagenet or even custom ones. See the Connecting to a Network documentation page for more information.

Thanks to this, the same release can be used for all networks instead of having one branch per network. This allows to name this release Version 7.0 instead of Mainnet April 2020, as releases are no longer tied to Mainnet. If you are following the mainnet branch, you should instead follow the latest-release branch.

If you are using the Docker script (, note that this script has been renamed The script is still available in the Docker image for the auto-update mechanism. See Installing Octez for more information.