Mainnet September 2019

This release contains the patch necessary to correctly activate protocol Babylon.

During the testing phase of protocol 005_PsBABY5H, a bug was identified (more details in the Bug affecting Bigmaps in 005_PsBABY5H). The tezos-node in this release contains a corrected version of Babylon, protocol 005_PsBabyM1, that will be activated in place of 005_PsBABY5H if the promotion vote is successful.

Any node running the May release, in case of a successful promotion vote, will activate protocol 005_PsBABY5H, which contains a bug affecting bigmaps in smart contracts.

We advise users to update to this release so that the corrected protocol 005_PsBabyM1 will be activated.

In case of a negative promotion vote, any release of the tezos-node will simply proceed to a new proposal phase.


Changes introduced by Babylon (including RPC calls) can be found in the protocol documentation.


  • Override Babylon by its fixed version if vote succeeds

  • Commits:
    • f7c18c30a: Shell: patches PsBABY5HQ with PsBabyM1 only if activated

    • dc93bd034: Mainnet: import PsBabyM1 and replace PsBABY5H with it

    • eee089b85: Shell: introduce voted protocol overrides


  • Include version number at the beginning of the proof-of-work nonce

  • Commits:
    • 0c7fb2add: Build: update tezos-version.opam

    • e9846ab85: Baker: preserve the commit hash hexadecimal form if possible

    • 5ece2883a: Baker: include commit hash in pow nonce

    • 5e9fdb77e: Version: refresh Git commit hash if a file changes

    • 66c2660e0: Base: move Git info into new lib tezos-version


  • Fix run script command output format for big maps

  • Commits:
    • 246c9165b: Client: fix `run script` command output format