Mainnet January 2020

This version was released on Friday, January 10th 2020 with commit hash 28309c81cc485467f22fb55e96e89302e1f2cd8a. This is a minor release.


  • Add the Carthage protocol, to be ready to fork the testchain in case the exploration vote passes.

  • Add efficiency improvements to the new storage backend to prevent some freezes.

  • Restore the possibility to use both a key hash or a key alias with the submit proposal and submit ballot commands.

  • Prevent running on 32bit architectures because the protocol does not support them and running on such an architecture could cause wrong block hashes to be computed.

Update Instructions

These instructions assume that you are running the December 2019 release, i.e. that you are already using the new storage backend.

If you are running Tezos using Docker, new Docker images are available.

To update from sources:

  • checkout the latest version with git checkout mainnet followed by git pull;

  • ensure the compilation environment is ready with make build-deps followed by eval $(opam env);

  • compile with make (if you node is running from the compilation directory, you may have to stop it first);

  • restart your node.