Protocol Alpha

This page documents the changes brought by protocol Alpha with respect to Mumbai (see Protocol naming).

The code can be found in directory src/proto_alpha of the master branch of Octez.

New Environment Version (V9)

This protocol requires a different protocol environment version than Mumbai. It requires protocol environment V9, compared to V8 for Mumbai. (MR !7178)

Smart Rollups

  • Update gas model for decoding output proofs. (MR !7116)

  • Improve readability of assert_commitment_not_too_far_ahead. (MR !7231)

  • Improve readability of assert_commitment_is_not_past_curfew. (MR !7230)

  • Remove dead code: legacy Internal for Tests signatures (MR !7234)

  • Prefer hex over b58check to encode filenames. (MR !7181)

  • Code quality improvements. (MR !7287)

  • Fix error raised when no commitment can be cemented. (MR !7286)

  • Use Ticket_transfer module in sc_rollup_operations. (MR !7438)

Zero Knowledge Rollups (ongoing)

Rollups supporting cryptographic proofs of correct execution. (MRs !7342)

Data Availability Layer (ongoing)

Distribution of rollup operations data off-chain. (MRs !7074, !7102, !7103, !7140, !7182, !7192, !7242, !7315)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix consensus watermark encoding roundtrip. (MR !7210)

Minor Changes

  • Adapt new mempool with proto add_operation. (MR !6749)