Protocol Alpha

This page contains all the relevant information for protocol Alpha (see Protocol naming).

The code can be found in the src/proto_alpha directory of the master branch of Tezos.

This page documents the changes brought by protocol Alpha with respect to Kathmandu.

New Environment Version (V7)

This protocol requires a different protocol environment version than Kathmandu. It requires protocol environment V7, compared to V6 for Kathmandu. (MR !5906)

Data Availability Layer (ongoing)

Distribution of rollup operations data off-chain. (MRs !5711, !5938, !6024, !5959)

Breaking Changes

  • Rename the parameter tokens_per_roll to minimal_stake. (MR !5897)

RPC Changes

  • The run_operation RPC description has been updated to indicate that the RPC does not support consensus operations. It could already give inconsistent results on such operations, which was not documented. It now returns on error when called on a consensus operation. (MR !5707)

  • New RPC /chains/<chain_id>/blocks/<block>/context/constants/parametric returning the value of parametric economic protocol constants. (MR !5867)

Minor Changes

  • Split internal transactions. (MR !5585)

  • Rename error Previously_revealed_nonce in Already_revealed_nonce (MR !5849)

  • New error Conflicting_activation (MR !5849)

  • New error Already_denounced replace Unrequired_denunciation (MR !5849)

  • New error Conflicting_denunciation (MR !5849)

  • New error Conflicting_nonce_revelation (MR !5849)

  • Patch smart contracts containing deprecated annotations. (MR !5752)

  • Errors related to consensus operations have been reworked. See Validate_errors.Consensus. (MR !5927)


  • Update migration for Kathmandu. (MR !5837)

  • Get rid of unparsing_mode. (MR !5738)

  • Rename internal operation definitions. (MR !5737)

  • Remove Coq attributes. (MR !5735)

  • Internal refactorings in Michelson typechecker and interpreter. (MRs !5586, !5587, !5803, !5804, !5809, !5942)

  • Ensure payer is an implicit account. (MR !5850)

  • Derive LB subsidy amount from other constants. (MR !5875)

  • Refactor the run_operation RPC. This allowed us to remove a function from Validate_operation.TMP_for_plugin and to no longer expose apply_contents_list and apply_manager_operations in apply.mli. (MR !5770)

  • Rename the function Big_map.list_values to list_key_values and make it return a list of key-value pairs. Also change the name of the signature Non_iterable_indexed_carbonated_data_storage_with_values to Indexed_carbonated_data_storage. (MR !3491)

  • Move the checks part of anonymous operation to The effects part remains in apply_operation. (MR !5849)

  • split check_vdf_and_update_seed function from between the checks part, check_vdf, and the application part, update_seed. (MR !5849)

  • Move the checks part of consensus operation to The effects part remains in apply_operation. (MR !5927)