Technical Support

If you need help understanding how the Tezos protocol works or if you have technical questions about the software, here are a few resources to find answers.

  • This documentation! Make sure to go through this technical documentation before asking elsewhere, there is also a search box on the top left corner.

  • Tezos Stack Exchange is live (still in beta). If you don’t find the answers you are looking for, feel free to ask questions!

  • There is a sub-reddit at that is the main meeting point for the Tezos community, for technical, economical and just random questions. They also have a nicely curated list of resources.

  • There is a #tezos IRC channel on freenode that is reserved for technical discussions and is always very active.

  • There is a matrix channel Tezos that you can join here.

For anything baking related, there is a dedicated Slack channel, If you don’t have access to the Tezos Baking Slack, send an e-mail to to join this channel.