Pre-Commit Hook

Pre-Commit Hook#

Pre-commit is a framework for managing and maintaining multi-language pre-commit Git hooks.

Using this framework you can specify a list of hooks you want and pre-commit manages the installation and execution of any hooks before every commit. pre-commit is specifically designed to not require root access.

Before you can run hooks, you need to have the pre-commit package manager installed. There are multiple ways of installing pre-commit, either via apt in Debian or using other installation options on the pre-commit website.

Pre-commit is configured via a simple configuration file .pre-commit-config.yaml that is kept in sync by the Tezos developers with the best practice used on the Tezos repository. Installing pre-commit will minimize CI failure, by avoiding failures that can be detected by sanity checks before pushing upstream.

We can now install the git hooks using the command pre-commit install.

From now on before every commit, the git hook will be run by pre-commit and make sure all checks are green.

You can find more information and advanced uses on