Module Tezos_raw_protocol_016_PtMumbai.Constants_repr

val fitness_version_number : string
val proof_of_work_nonce_size : int
val nonce_length : int
val max_anon_ops_per_block : int
val max_proposals_per_delegate : int
val max_operation_data_length : int
val max_micheline_node_count : int

A global size limit on the size of Micheline expressions after expansion.

We want to prevent constants from being used to create huge values that could potentially do damage if ever printed or sent over the network. We arrived at this number by finding the largest possible contract in terms of number of nodes. The number of nodes is constrained by the current "max_operation_data_length" (32768) to be ~10,000 ( see "" in the tezt suite for the largest contract with constants that can be originated). As a first approximation, we set the node size limit to 5 times this amount.

val max_micheline_bytes_limit : int

Same as max_micheline_node_count but for limiting the combined bytes of the strings, ints and bytes in a expanded Micheline expression.

val max_allowed_global_constant_depth : int

Represents the maximum depth of an expression stored in the table after all references to other constants have (recursively) been expanded, where depth refers to the nesting of Prim and/or Seq nodes.

The size was chosen arbitrarily to match the typechecker in Script_ir_translator.

val michelson_maximum_type_size : int

A global size limit on the size of Michelson types.

The size of a type is the number of nodes in its AST representation. See Script_typed_ir.TYPE_SIZE.

val sc_max_wrapped_proof_binary_size : int

A size limit for Sc_rollups.wrapped_proof binary encoding.

val sc_rollup_message_size_limit : int

A limit on the size of the binary encoding for sc rollup messages: Sc_rollup_inbox_message_repr.t and Sc_rollup_outbox_message_repr.t

val sc_rollup_max_number_of_messages_per_level : Tezos_protocol_environment_016_PtMumbai.Z.t

A limit on the number of messages in a inbox level enforced in Sc_rollup_inbox_repr.t.

type fixed
type t = private {
  1. fixed : fixed;
  2. parametric : Constants_parametric_repr.t;
val all_of_parametric : Constants_parametric_repr.t -> t
type Tezos_protocol_environment_016_PtMumbai.Error_monad.error +=
  1. | Invalid_protocol_constants of string

performs some consistency checks on the protocol parameters

module Generated : sig ... end
val cache_layout_size : int

For each subcache, a size limit needs to be declared once. However, depending how the protocol will be instantiated (sandboxed mode, test network, ...) we may want to change this limit. For each subcache, a parametric constant can be used to change the limit (see parametric).

The number of subcaches and the limits for all those subcaches form together what is called the cache_layout.

val cache_layout : Constants_parametric_repr.t -> int list

The cache_layout depends on parametric constants.