Module Tezos_base.Mempool

Tezos Shell Module - Mempool, a.k.a. the operations safe to be broadcast.

type t = {
known_valid : Tezos_crypto.Hashed.Operation_hash.t list;(*

A valid sequence of operations on top of the current head.

pending : Tezos_crypto.Hashed.Operation_hash.Set.t;(*

Set of known not-invalid operation.

type mempool = t
val encoding : mempool Data_encoding.t
val bounded_encoding : ?max_operations:int -> unit -> mempool Data_encoding.t
val empty : mempool

Empty mempool.

val is_empty : mempool -> bool

is_empty mempool returns true if and only if mempool is empty.

cons_valid oph t prepends oph to the known_valid field of t.

Remove an operation from all the fields of a mempool.