Version 14.0

Version 14.0 contains a new version (V6) of the protocol environment, which is the set of functions that a protocol can call. This new version is used by protocol Kathmandu, which is a proposal for the successor of Jakarta. This release also contains Kathmandu itself as well as its daemons.

Note that this release includes experimental executables provided for testing purpose only: tx-rollup nodes and clients as well as sc-rollup nodes and clients.

If you are updating from version 13.0, note that version 14.0 changes the storage format. Run tezos-node upgrade storage to update your storage. This upgrade is instantaneous but the data-directory can no longer be used with version 13.0 once upgraded.

Update Instructions

To update from sources:

git fetch
git checkout v14.0
opam switch remove .
rm -rf _opam _build
make build-deps
eval $(opam env)

Note that opam switch remove . is only needed if you are updating an already compiled repository, not if you are compiling from a freshly cloned repository. This command is needed because Octez now requires OCaml 4.14.0.

If you are using Docker instead, use the v14.0 Docker images of Tezos.